Glazing recommendations

In the early 1930’s, oil-base glazing and caulking compounds were commonly used for sealing joints in building construction. There was little movement to contend with, but control of air and moisture was needed. With the architectural swing to curtains walls and larger lites of glass, industry quickly moved from putty and mastic glazing into high performance polymer sealants.
Today, a variety of preformed glazing tapes and rubber-set elastomeric sealants are available. These are formulated to be non-hardening, provide good cushion for the glass, and absorb thermal movement.

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Instruction for a sealed glass replacement

Instruction for a sealed glass replacement:

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Factors influencing glazing performances

Selecting the proper glazing system for particular requirement must take into account a number of important factors :

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Weatherstrip selection guide

We will help you evaluate your framing and weather-striping following the high our norms of efficiency for water/air infiltrations. We know soundproofing and painless installations are important to you. Therefore, we will provide you with fast and precise information about our products, greatly improving the quality of your comfort.
We make a promise to test every weather-strip possible and give you our finest to help you take the best decision for your household. This testing allows us to take corrective measures to make sure your home is ready for the long winter.
Changing a variety of stripping can boost the quality of your window’s isolation to it’s former glory. We will be by your side at all time, sharing with you our expertise and knowledge.


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Do I repair or replace my window?

Whether we are owners or tenants, windows leaves nobody indifferent, especially when the cold winter is coming. With reason, since if the quality of the window is doubtable, it can lose up to 25% of the heat which is horrific to the comfort of our family.
This is why you need to give attention to the installation of your windows and the quality of the elements put in their making.


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