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return, please fill this form and send it back to us and please wait for our authorization before any marchandise return.

All reclaiming must be done immediately. No return shall be accepted without prior permission from our part.

You can always return merchandise (some exceptions can be applied) within 30 days of your original purchase. However, after 10 days, handling charge of 20% will be applied.

The charged shipping fees cannot be repaid if the merchandise is returned.

No return can be accepted from us if the parts are malfunctioning, or simply in a bad shape.

All merchandise will be returned at the customers expense.


Quality of the English catalog to download:

« Low/Fast »

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—IMPORTANT— You must not rely to any version other than the new version. We will not be responsable for incorrect orders related to those old catalogs.


This is how to take the measurements for the making of a screen door without having the original model.

Width : Distance from the edge of the glass of the fixed panel to the inside of the frame where the screen door closes.

Height : Distance from the top of the bottom metal rail to the inside of the upper plastic rail (subtract 1/8’’).

Bug flap length :Distance between the screen door rail to the fixed panel of the patio door. We will be able to install the right bug flap model.

Width of the inside of the rail : distance from one edge to another in width of the inside of the rail

***Refer yourself to the attached document

P-096A & P-047 ASSEMBLY

If you want to lock your P-047 handle with a key, you have to install the handle P-096A.

This is the schema for the installation.


To install the limit device product OP-201, you have to :

1) Fix the small section of the limit device (with the pin and the clip) just beside the window hinge (top or bottom).

2) Fix the stainless rail of the limit device under the opening section of the window.

***By referring to the picture, more the distances ‘’A’’ and ‘’B’’ are long, less the window will open wide.


This is how to replace the # 282-283 weatherstrip (now discontinued):

1) Install the recovery holder ( PVC-RETENUE ) around the door frame by nailing or stapling it (you may have to pre-drill the plastic before).

2) Insert the weatherstrip # 209A  in the groove of the top and the opening side.

3) Insert the weatherstrip # 210  in the groove of the hinge side.

4) Stick the self-adhesive weatherstrip # 208  all around the door frame

*** Refer yourself to the attached document.


Many mulco supra colors available:

White, glacier white, clear, translucent, almond, cream, yellowstone, buff, rustic cedar, sierra, satin cream, san, wicker, pebble, light bronze, acadia, cashmere, sable, beige clay, sandalwood, chestnut brown, chocolate, walnut brown, country red, terracotta, bright red, burgundy, black, dark brown, Bronze, ivy green, pine green, dark green, light green, Turquoise, heron blue, midnught blue, scotia blue, pewter blue, aluminium, light grey, mist grey, cement grey.


To adjust a surface-mounted or flush-mounted drop threshold, whether you want to shorten it while maintaining its optimal operation, here are the steps to follow. This procedure is particularly useful when the need to reduce the size of the threshold also requires moving the mechanism to the correct side (hinge side):

  1. Remove existing mechanism

    - Locate the screw at the back of the drop sill. This screw holds the mechanism in place, including the pine that activates the lowering mechanism. 
    - Unscrew this screw using a suitable screwdriver.
    - Use pliers to grasp and gently pull the pine to remove the entire mechanism from the sill. 

  2. Reposition the mechanism

    - Insert the mechanism on the opposite side of the threshold. Make sure it is fully inserted and aligned correctly to allow smooth action of the lowering mechanism. 
    - Screw the mechanism into place in the hole on the opposite side to the first location. This involves drilling a new hole or using a pre-existing hole adapted to the new position. 

  3. Cut off excess

    - Once the mechanism has been repositioned and secured, measure and mark the part of the sill protruding from the handle side.
    - Use a suitable saw to cleanly cut the excess sill. Make sure you cut straight and cleanly to avoid damaging the sill or the mechanism. 

It is important to proceed with care at each stage to avoid damaging the sill or the mechanism. Make sure that the mechanism functions correctly after repositioning and cutting. This method allows you to adjust the size of the drop sill while maintaining its functionality, ensuring that the drop mechanism is correctly positioned on the hinge side for optimum operation.