For your window reparation, the installation of weatherstrips, sealed glass or numerous window and door hardware, our professional team will be able to fullfil your expectation.

Thermos de la Capitale

Phone: (418) 667-9357

Our hours are from monday trough friday, from 8h to 17h.  Please take note that we will always be happy to serve you all day, including lunch hours.

All reclaiming must be done immediately. No return shall be accepted without prior permission from our part.

You can always return merchandise (some exceptions can be applied) within 30 days of your original purchase. However, after 10 days, handling charge of 20% will be applied.

The charged shipping fees cannot be repaid if the merchandise is returned.

No return can be accepted from us if the parts are malfunctioning, or simply in a bad shape.

All merchandise will be returned at the customers expense.

For any marchandise return, please fill and send back to us the Authorization for marchandise return form and please wait for our authorization before any marchandise return.

There is no waranty on our products except the following products that are garanteed by the manufacturer:

FP-1700-ALU: 5 year warranty

FP-1700-BRUN: 5 year warranty

FP-4001-ALU: 10 year warranty

FP-4001-BRUN: 10 year warranty

There is also a manufacturer warranty of 10 years for the sealed glass.

There will be no return or refund on a broken product.

To make or repair your screen door (or screen), we offer several  types of screen (mesh).

Fiber Glass: The most common type of screen. We recommend it due to its terrific price value. It comes in Black and gray. Mesh weaving : 18 x 16 wires per hinch².

Aluminum: Sturdier than glass fiber. However, the cost is higher and it  leaves bumps on the screen if to much pressure is applied.

Polyester: One of the strongest, perected to resist tearing. Ideal for pet owners looking for a sturdy screen door. Come in black only.

Solar Insect: Woven very tightly. Designed to keep out the smallest of bugs, perfect for someone living near wood and forests. In black and gray. Mesh weaving : 20 x 30 wires per hinch².

Galvanized and Copper: The sturdiest, but also the costliest. Made for particular demands.

If ever you are in that inconvinient situtation and your window won’t open to fix it, know that there is a solution! On the lock side, the window closes and presses on a weatherstrip. You need to insert a flat and stiff tool in that weatherstrip, just over the window lock. Then, slowly slide the tool down toward the lock until you feel the the lock’s hook. Afterward, carefully use a hammer on the tool to lower the hook, and so the multipoint mechanism, unlocking your window! However, this solution does not work on every type of window, though it will work on most of them.

A lot of people have difficulties to change their window operators, not having acces to the screws that fixes it. What you need to know is that crank cover (the piece in a form of “L“)  is removable to give acces to the screws.

For wood windows, le crank cover is usually nailed. You need to insert a flat and stiff tool between the crank cover and the window frame. Then, you will be able to lift it slightly. We suggest you lift slightly one side then the other, to avoid breaking your wood cover. Sometimes the wood rod on the side of the frame are over the crank cover, in that case you will need to take on or the two out to get to the crank cover.

If you have a PVC window, the crank cover is snaped on the frame. Like the wood cover, you need to insert a tool between the cover and the frame. Lift it to unsnap it.  You may have a horizontal cover instead of an “L“ one. You should see a fine slot just over the operator. You should be able to lift it like the“ L“ cover.

Thus, you can easily unscrew your operatorto replace it!

Having trouble to slide your screen door? It does not mean you have to change the rollers! First of all, check if you simply need to adjust your rollers before switching them.

In that case, unscrew the four rollers’s adjustment screws. Be careful not take them out though. Also, some rollers will release tension if you screw in, and not the contrary. Once the tension is released from the four rollers, please screw back calmly the bottom ones, in order to get the door to lift a little bit,  thus having a good roll. Then, you can screw the top rollers, until they touch the top rail without having any pressure on them, since they act only as a guide.

A little lubricant on the rail (never on the rollers) and your screen door should roll like a new! Unless the rollers are broken…

We repair and make patio door screen. But if you don’t have any, this is how to take the measurements for the custum build.

Height : Distance from the top of the bottom metal rail to the inside of the upper plastic rail (subtract 1/8’’).

Width : Distance from the edge of the glass of the fixed panel to the inside of the frame where the screen door closes.

 Bug flap length : Distance between the screen door rail to the fixed panel of the patio door. We will be able to install the right bug flap model.

***Refer yourself to the attached document on the Useful Documents page of our website.