Do I repair or replace my window?

Whether we are owners or tenants, windows leaves nobody indifferent, especially when the cold winter is coming. With reason, since if the quality of the window is doubtable, it can lose up to 25% of the heat which is horrific to the comfort of our family.
This is why you need to give attention to the installation of your windows and the quality of the elements put in their making.


Do you really need to replace your window?

The replacement of your windows demands major investments on your part. Before you take that route, please check if there is a more economical way to deal with your situation.
Notice all your current windows, maybe they only need to be repaired? Sometimes, adding a weather-strip, an extra part or an accessory can be sufficient. For example the condensation in between your glass can indicate that a thermos flap is either cracked or unsealed and can be replaced. Look closely at the frame and it’s seal. What good is your window if wind passes through? Some mild expansion urethane foam could restore the seal.
If you really need to change them, make sure to know your needs, your requirement and ask all the questions you need to feel safe. Most of the time, it is important to change the frame and the windows at the same time. The frame is the critical point of your window’s general wellness. If it is adequate, it will restrain the thermal loss and favors solar gains. However, contact specialists and do not hesitate to ask for several submissions.

What is the best framing?

The glass fiber frame filled with thermal foam is one of the best, it’s price is balanced out by it’s efficiency, it allows larger fenestration and minimal maintenance. Since, the dilatation of the glass and the frame’s are similar, it allows to restrain movements between the glazing and the frame and the thermal loss.
The aluminum frame’s asset is it’s durability and its sealness. However, it needs to be installed perfectly and have impeccable quality to unleash it’s full potential. With a thermal break we successfully restrain thermal loss by conduction.
The wood frame has nice appearance and good thermal resistance. The maintenance requirement is high though, it is the most tedious of the bunch. Coated with aluminum or PVC, this frame offers wider fenestration. However, we need to notify that the condensation formed on the wood, thus coated, will contribute to it’s deterioration if the covering does not offer air holes.
The PVC frame offers good thermal resistance and very low maintenance. But, since the PVC reacts strongly to temperature gap, the base, the head and the sides must be reinforced by steel. Doing this diminishes the energetic value of the frame. Moreover, the color choice is limited due to the sensibility to ultra violets of the PVC frame.

For a better efficiency

To know the efficiency of your windows, you can rely on the energetic resistance scale (ER). The higher the scale is the higher your efficiency will be. The type of thermos will be chosen depending of the orientation of your windows and it’s solar exposition. There are several emissivity levels for thermos units. For example, a thermos with low E (emissivity) should be considered for a large west side window. Windows offering, low emissivity glass, Argon gas and insolating spacers costs a little bit more but are more performant and reliable.
If you need to change your windows, don’t forget to take into account these characteristics to make a better choice.

Maintenance of the frame make them last

Did you know that painting weather-strips and seals will diminish their efficiency? By painting them you will dry them. Make them last longer by sweeping the dust off and coating them in a petrol jelly or any recommended lubricant. They will be as soft as ever.
Do not forget to check the seals around your windows. Make sure there aren’t any cracks or holes in them and that they are not dry. If you need to, reapply them. You will then have a good seal against water.
These are to check if you have a problem with your fenestration. The more we know, the more we are able to take better decisions. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for more information.